Adminton Card is a regular MASTERCARD prepaid payment card combining benefits of credit and debit card. It can be easily loaded with the amount needed for further spending, keeping the risk of losing money to minimum.

Adminton Card is currently issued in EUR currency only, however, based on discussion and user feedback, we can also issue USD and GBP currency cards.

All of our clients who apply for an unlimited prepaid card will have to identify themselves with their passport or ID, a utility bill and bank account details. Once approved, the client can gain access to 7,500 EUR daily load and spending.

Adminton Card is accepted across the globe at all locations and ATMs where MASTERCARD is accepted.

It is also easy to suspend and reactivate the card at any time.

Adminton card can be used by both individuals and businesses to pay in and out.

Why to use prepaid payment card?

  • Pay salaries to your employees
  • Distribute funds to your employees for business purposes
  • Pay per diem allowances and travel expenses
  • Electronic Voucher and meal Card
  • Internet purchases

Please contact us if you are interested and we can discuss your specific needs.