Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most asked questions about the product and its functioning. If you do not find what you were looking for feel free to contact us any time at

Why would I use prepaid card instead of a bank issued credit card?
Adminton cards have several use cases for individuals as well for businesses. Major reason is the security of prepaid card while used as expected. It is usual that banks while speaking to the companies do not provide payment card to all positions in the company, usually to top management and board members. Our cards can be provided to middle or lower level management.
What does it mean that prepaid card acts like a credit card and debit card in one?
Credit cards have credit limits. Adminton card does also have a credit limit, the load balance you have loaded to your card. Clients can use prepaid card for same transactions as credit card, such as fly tickets bookings, car rentals, hotels reservations and payments and use the advantage of regular debit card use cases such as POS and ATM without additional interest or operating fees.
What are the card limits?
Normally all our clients once registered have right to use 250 EUR lifetime. However, we expect all our clients to apply for unlimited prepaid cards, e.g. identify themselves by their passport and utility bills (preferably) and support the incoming funds by identification of the client’s bank account. Being approved the Client gains access to 7,500 EUR daily load and spending.
Where can I use Adminton card?
You can use Adminton card everywhere, where MASTERCARD is accepted.
Why do you need my passport and utility bill?
In order for you to use more than 250 EUR lifetime with Adminton card, MASTERCARD payment scheme and Anti-money laundering legislation requires us to identify our clients in order to get unlimited spending through our Adminton cards.
Why do you need my bank statement?
We have to identify source of the incoming loadings to your Account. Having this identification we can load your Account and Adminton Card subsequently. Normally, we just need to identify that the bank account number (preferably IBAN) you have provided to us belongs to you as an individual or as a company. We do not want to see your transactions in the bank statement, these you can hide for this purpose. Scan us just the first page and the part where your name is connected to the bank account number.
Should you receive your loadings from different sources than a bank account we are trying to identify, you have to support the transaction by appropriate documentation and substantiate such transaction.
This is also required by Anti-money laundering legislation.
Why do I have to sign Agreement On Service Provision and Mandate Agreement?
NFX s.r.o. ensures information and telecommunication network to support payment services without owing the funds operated. This fact is explained and substantiated in this agreement. We cannot give public promise on behalf of the third party. Card is issued by Issuer - UAB B4B Payments Europe (“B4B”) pursuant to a license from MASTERCARD International Inc. B4B is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority London to conduct electronic money service activities under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011. In order to be able to issue the card for you and to be in line with Regulator requirements we have to sign this agreement.
How can I use Adminton card as an electronic meal voucher?
We at Adminton are able to limit the usage of the payment card to certain country and forbid to use it at the ATM. At this stage we can assure that your employees will be able to use the Adminton card only in your jurisdiction and at POS terminals only. Actual usage of the card can be supported by the list of transactions made by the employee.